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In the Words of a Child

kybikerideHello, my name is Kyran. I am 10 years old, and I think I was 2 years old when I first went to CTC. I like CTC because it helped me learn how to use my muscles. I learned everything there, like biking and exercise and climbing. They taught me to learn music, walking and balance. The people there are nice.

When I go to CTC, I am happy because there are so many amazing things there, like the gyms, the balls, the trampoline, the bikes and the piano.

Sometimes I have a hard time with my words. When I was little, I played with my friend named Janet. She is friendly and very funny. She likes to play games with kids. Her favorite game is Memory. We played that a lot. She helped me with remembering words and following directions. I love CTC, and I always wish I could go back there again.

I drew the pictures for CTC's new website. I love to draw. They gave me words that they were going to call the website pages, and I drew what I saw in my head:

CTChome2About CTC

I drew a house because I think of CTC as the home they work in, and the house looked pretty cool in the sky, so I put it on a cloud.


On the staff page, I made the members of CTC like portraits with names under them to honor them.


I drew me riding a bike with a helmet and a CTC person helping me so I don't hurt myself. And I drew the Corner and the trees behind CTC. Adam taught me how to ride a bike last summer in physical therapy. I am so happy I can ride a bike now!

CTCjourney1060Get Started

I drew mountains because when I looked at the words "Journey for Success," it made me think of hikers helping each other across mountains to get to their destination.

CTCsuccess2Success Stories

I like that the people are on top of the hill for success.


This is my favorite. I like drawing cars and boats and airplanes. The truck is taking the CTC news to the citizens of Michigan.


Actually, this one is my favorite, because the paper airplane is flying out to the person who wants to go to CTC. And I always want to go to CTC.

For Mom's story about Kyran, click here.

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CTC Shared Values

  • Treat Others with Uncompromising Truth
  • Lavish Trust on Your Associates
  • Mentor Unselfishly
  • Be Receptive to New Ideas, Regardless of Their Origin
  • Take Personal Risks for the Organization
  • Give Credit Where It’s Due
  • Do Not Touch Dishonest Dollars
  • Put the Interests of Others Before Your Own

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