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Shilpa Shah, BCBA

BCBA Therapy is highly individualized.  It is the best research-supported treatment available for people with autism, but it is also effective for preventing violence, motivating employees, improving productivity and training service animals. Families engaged in ABA therapy at Children's Therapy Corner can expect the therapist to use a systematic method for assessing why a child engages in maladaptive behaviors. The therapist will develop the strategies to both alleviate those behaviors and teach new skills. Families will regularly meet with program staff to plan, review progress and make adjustments. Families and caregivers also receive training in how to support a child in learning and skill practice throughout the day.

BCBA therapists must have a Master's Degree in a human service field, including specific graduate level coursework in Behavior Analysis. They must have supervised experience in ABA. Finally, they must take and pass a standardized exam. That means parents can feel assured the therapist has both academic and applied skills.

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