Told with Tears of Joy 

Hayden's Family

Our son Hayden was born at 27 weeks gestation and due to complications caused by his prematurity, as well as sensory  integration issues, he has always had feeding problems. He has been receiving therapy since he was around 9 months old. We were not seeing progress, though, and we were unhappy with the approach being taken. Last year, we knew he needed something different. He began seeing Anne at Children's Therapy Corner in October 2012. At that time, Hayden was nearly 4 years old and 100% of his nutrition was from Pediasure that he drank from a baby bottle. In fact, Hayden did not even like to touch food with his hands let alone have it near his mouth.
Last week, Hayden began to drink some of his daily Pediasure from a cup with a straw! On Tuesday, February 26th, at about 4 years and 3 months old, Hayden chewed and swallowed food for the first time in his life! It was chocolate graham cracker. Anne called me into the room to witness this huge victory. It was such an exciting and emotional experience! Hayden's OT, Colleen and his PT, Adam were also available to come and watch.
It is strange to watch my little boy chew and swallow foods daily now! We still have work to do but this success is a huge leap forward!
I am so incredibly thankful to be at Children's Therapy Corner. I only wish we had come sooner. Hayden always looks forward to therapy. He feels at home there, as do I. I appreciate the care and encouragement he gets from Anne, Adam and Colleen. They are very important people in Hayden's life and they are brought up often in conversation at home. What's more, the other staff also know Hayden and are quick and eager to encourage him and celebrate his successes.
Thank you for the work you do. It is literally changing lives!!

Hayden is excited about eating these familiar foods now!! We love the people at Children's Therapy Corner and the approach that is taken there!!!

With sincere gratitude,


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