Journey for Success

Your family’s journey begins with a destination in mind. CTC will help you navigate your way on this venture.

Looking for Directions

We envision intervention as a journey to maneuver through the challenges that lie ahead. As families take the initial steps through the dark maze of rehabilitation, so many new words and ideas are being tossed their way as they are still trying to “absorb’” the knowledge that their child may have challenges that other children do not face. Families usually need someone in the first stages to help determine their child’s needs, but also – and just as important – their strengths. Let’s begin this Journey for Success.

Your Travel Guides

The methodology at Children’s Therapy Corner is designed to walk families through a process of discovery, providing answers and hope for the future. The family member may not have a therapy degree, but they are a “professional” who knows their child and the challenges within the everyday experiences. This must be a team – all working together, listening, sharing and ultimately keeping the child’s needs as the center of every discussion. All information and perspectives are vital for success. This involves dialogue, a trusting relationship between family and professionals within a supportive atmosphere.

Establishing a Destination

The needs of children may be obvious or they may be subtle. However, families should investigate. Search to have an evaluation(s) completed by a professional who specializes in children. Children are not short adults. The needs and issues are significantly different because a child is going through developmental changes. The issues will also vary based on the age of the child. There may be known medical obstacles, and you should seek advice from your pediatrician.

Each therapeutic discipline at Children’s Therapy Corner is evaluating different issues. Yet your child is a total being. No area may stand in isolation, and the interaction of challenges can be demonstrated in skill delays. Let’s evaluate and find out.

Mapping Your Child’s Journey

There is a need, so now what?

Be certain to ask questions as many times as you need for clarification. We want all of our communication with you to be family/parent friendly. This is YOUR child. We value your thoughts and opinions as individuals and as parents/guardians.

We know that if there is a need, that first and foremost, this is a child. Secondly, that the challenge is something affecting your child. So your child is not for example, an autistic child. Rather, your child has autism. The distinction is crucial and allows you to always hold dreams, remove the glass ceilings and never forget to see the daily miracles of life. Your child is more than a subset of skills and behaviors. Don’t lose sight of the essence of your child and the gift that your child shares each and every day with you and their world.

You may have “traveled” through numerous agencies, and the walk can be exhausting. Know that your focus will change and what you desire for your child may be transforming. We are here to help you formulate dreams and hopes. You should always hold on to those dreams.

What to Expect on the Journey

Be active, involved and expect communication and sharing.

There is never a stupid question, a useless question or too many questions. This is your child. We work for you. If you don’t understand what is happening, then how can you be effective at home and reinforce the learning in a natural, everyday way?

Keep sharing with us what you need. We will assist you to learn the strategies/activities. Share how things are at home and how strategies are improving the home and academic environments. Ideas and needs shift, especially as your child develops.

At Children’s Therapy Corner, we have eight Shared Values that act as a directional compass for how we interact with each other and families. One Shared Value is to mentor unselfishly. This value enhances our treatment methodology as we share new ideas and techniques with each other.

Our journey together is based on these principles:

  • Families have specific ideas of where they want to go, and our role is to facilitate that based on where the child’s needs are.
  • We work jointly, goals are identified together.
  • Families are very active in therapy and readily incorporate ideas in home, community and school.
  • We have discussions to prepare the child to go into the community.
  • Families actively understand community needs/challenges.
  • We help families advocate for their child in a world that is not always so accepting and open (help families be change makers).

On Their Way

The Journey for Success: On Their Way

The journey may be short in duration, or aspects may last a lifetime. The need is to know the steps and that you are not in this alone. We at Children’s Therapy Corner “see” things differently, take risks, believe when all others question and doubt. Families encourage us to go beyond, to search for new and different answers, new methods to help their child. It is in partnership that we gain so much more TOGETHER.

We help families FOCUS on a dream, PLAN the route (with detours expected) and REACH a destiny together with support and awareness of the community in which they live. Any Dream may be challenging, but with a vision and determination based on a great cause: Oh the Places We’ll Go!

Get Started

Children’s Therapy Corner provides therapeutic intervention for children. CTC was founded on the belief that there should be a place where families can come and learn about their child’s needs, in a supportive team atmosphere. We will work with you to provide direction and support for your family and your child. The goal is for your child to live their life to its fullest capacity.