Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy at Children’s Therapy Corner is one-on-one treatment administered by a licensed trained therapist. Therapeutic activities performed in an aquatic environment provide excellent opportunities for children to develop their motor skills. The water provides resistance, helping to build strength in all planes of movement while also increasing proprioceptive input to increase body awareness.

The natural buoyancy of water provides a fun, gravity-assisted environment for your child to explore and practice movements and skills that he or she is not yet able to perform on land. Your child will attend aquatic treatment sessions in conjunction with regular land-based treatment to carryover functional gains.

Learn More About Aquatic Therapy

  • About This Therapy

    This treatment is usually administered by a licensed trained therapist. Aquatic Therapy assists in exercises by:

    • Providing gravity-lessened environment
    • Adding resistance to exercise
    • Increasing joint range of motion and muscle strength
    • Increasing proprioceptive input with environment
    • Raising motor learning and body awareness

  • Conditions Addressed

    Aquatic Therapy at Children’s Therapy Corner is offered to children of all abilities and can be an effective intervention for children with:

    • Abnormal muscle tone
    • Muscle weakness
    • Poor postural control
    • Poor balance
    • Decreased endurance
    • Poor body awareness
    • Limited mobility

    Specific conditions or diagnoses that can benefit from aquatic therapy are:

    • Orthopedic injury
    • Amplified muscular skeletal pain syndrome
    • Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
    • Brain injury
    • Cerebral palsy
    • Autism

  • Treatment Approach

    Initially your child will complete a evaluation. Following the evaluation, or at any point while receiving services, the primary therapist may recommend your child to our aquatics program. Treatment programs are individualized to address the goals of each child and family. Benefits from Aquatic Therapy include working to develop motor skills such as breath control, balance, bilateral coordination and gait.

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