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At Children’s Therapy Corner, we are licensed to provide PLAY Autism Intervention, an evidence-based, parent-mediated intensive early intervention program for young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In 2001, Richard Solomon, MD, developed the PLAY Project™ in response to the need for evidenced-based autism intervention options.

This intervention model is completed within the home. Parents and caregivers work as partners with a certified PLAY Project Consultant, who is an expert in child development and has knowledge in working with young children with ASD.

The PLAY Project Consultants teach parents and caregivers techniques and activities so they can support their child’s social-emotional growth, communication and play skills, all through PLAY.

The PLAY (Play and Language for Autistic Youngsters) Project is the name for:

  • An evidence-based autism early intervention program
  • A set of principles, methods, and techniques used to improve autism symptoms
  • An organization that provides professional training and development

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    • About This Therapy

      The principles, methods and techniques of PLAY Autism Intervention emphasize the child’s readiness, or following the child’s lead as a means for improving social impairment, a core deficit of autism spectrum disorder. PLAY Autism Intervention is based on a child’s social and functional developmental profile and how he or she responds to the environment and processes information. This model is most effective for children typically between the ages of 15 months and 6 years of age with an ASD diagnosis. Parents/caregivers learn techniques and activities so they can support their child’s social-emotional growth during everyday activities. This approach empowers parents and gives children intervention at a high intensity level.

      You will learn:

      • How to identify your child’s unique strengths and needs.
      • How to make every interaction with your child a growing and learning experience.
      • How to apply the evidence-based PLAY Project principles, methods, and techniques.
      • What “developmentally appropriate” means for your child.
      • How to effectively respond to your child’s behavior.
      • Ways to support your child’s learning and prepare for kindergarten.
      • How to increase the amount of smiles and laughter in the home.

      The PLAY Project emphasizes fun!

    • How We Use This Therapy

      Children’s Therapy Corner is licensed by the PLAY Project and we provide PLAY Autism Intervention. Our certified PLAY Project Consultants are professionals who hold degrees in child development fields and are experts in the application of the PLAY Autism Intervention model. To obtain certification professionals must complete a rigorous training and supervision program and demonstrate mastery in this evidenced-based intervention.

      PLAY Project Consultants work as partners with the family to support their child’s development. Parents and caregivers provide the actual intervention at home. This method supports developing relationships, and enhanced learning. Beginning with the Initial Home Evaluation, home visits occur every 4-6 weeks for a total of 11 visits a year. Continued participation in the program is often recommended or requested by families to continue to establish and guide new goals, techniques and interventions as the child progresses. Key elements of PLAY home visits are: video recording, coaching, modeling, and written feedback. Children’s Therapy Corner Consultants also coach parents to build a joyous, engaged relationship with their child.

    • Founder Richard Solomon, MD

      Richard Solomon, MD, is a practicing developmental and behavioral pediatrician and the Medical Director at the Ann Arbor Center for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, and founder of the PLAY Project. As indicated on; “His overall approach is influenced by his work alongside autism and child development visionaries T. Berry Brazelton, Stanley Greenspan, MD, Mr. Fred Rogers, and Ivar Lovaas, Ph.D.” Dr. Solomon developed the PLAY Project in response to the lack of availability of intensive early intervention services for children with ASD. The PLAY Project’s Mission is to train a global network of pediatric professionals to deliver an evidence-based, low-cost, intensive, developmental intervention to families.

    • Research and Resources

      The PLAY Project completed a three‐year multi‐site randomized controlled trial of the PLAY Project Home Consultation model, that showed positive outcomes for parent effectiveness and child development. This large-scale study is published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics, October 2014, Volume 35 – Issue8 – pg. 475-485. Results of this study showed:

      Significant improvements in:

      • Caregiver/parent and child interaction
      • Social interaction of children with autism
      • Social-emotional development of children with autism
      • Autism symptomatology

      Secondary outcomes:

      • Improved parent stress and depression
      • PLAY Project Consultant fidelity

      Learn more about the PLAY Project™, its founder Richard Solomon, MD, and this research and evidence at:

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