CTC Proudly Supports Local Charity Efforts

MFFYF Charity Ball Flyer

Children’s Therapy Corner is a proud sponsor of Midland Firefighters Youth Foundation!

Saturday, February 29 MFFYF is hosting their 5th annual charity ball in hopes to continue raising funds to support the Midland community and its youth.

There is still time to purchase tickets for the event- follow this link to their website!



MFFYF Charity Ball Flyer

There’s still time to buy tickets!

The MFFYF team recently posted on their Facebook Page a note to its followers letting them know exactly how they are impacting the local community:

“So I wanted to give you all a breakdown of how our 2019 donations went back into the community. I have a few numbers to share:
20. This is the number of organizations, individuals and groups who received sponsorships from your Midland Firefighters Youth Foundation. This is the highest number of requests that we’ve seen in a while.
8,225. This is the total dollar amount that we gave out to those 20 groups in 2019. This is also the highest amount donated in a year period, and frankly, I’d love to see this number higher.
These numbers are a direct result of YOUR generosity towards our Youth Foundation, #Midland. Your willingness to come out one night a year and help raise money for an organization that supports any Youth-related group/team/individual further their academic or athletic goals. This is the same generosity that will help us reach new goals, and inevitably help fund more and more of Midland County Youth!
The motto of the Youth Foundation is simple; “Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.” The Midland Professional Firefighters – Local 1315 and its Youth Foundation want to continue being great imitators for the community we serve, and with your help and support #Midland, we will be able to continue to do so! Come on out and we’ll see you at our charity ball!”