Back to School and Staying Safe

Dear CTC Families,

Together we have learned to Stay Safe as you have brought your children back into our clinics.  This has not been an easy transition, but we did it!  Not a single case of COVID-19 within any one of our clinics (Lansing, Traverse City or Midland).  Thanks to you and to our staff for following our safety protocols.  

But now, the next ‘chapter’ in the longest story of staying safe.  You now must consider if and how you will send you children to school.  The decisions of your local school district will of course mandate if you even have the option of schooling at home, traditional face-to face instruction within the classrooms or a combination.  Because the issues are so confusing, we recognize that you are probably stressed as you try to manage the multiple concerns.  You may have on-line school for 1-2 months and then in the classroom, or the opposite starting within the classroom and then back out to on-line schooling.  The only thing we all know for sure is that nothing is for sure.

We encourage you to review and know the COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan for your school district. They should inform you of how to keep your child safe, what will be the response for any positive cases and your responsibilities for any symptoms that may preclude your child from attendance. 

Here are some guidelines from the state level that you may want to review: 

Children’s Therapy Corner also plans to maintain the Health and Safety standards within our clinics.  Our safety protocols remain with completion of our Family Screening Tool prior to entry with temperature checks, utilization of masks for all adults (and as appropriate for your child), sanitizing, hand washing, social distancing and office cleaning.  We have also purchased Electrostatic Sprayers for all locations that we will use on a regular basis during the week when your children are not present.  We want to optimize our cleanliness for all who enter our buildings. 

Knowing that children may be in the classrooms and potential for increased exposure, we have modified our COVID-19 Family Screening Tool.  You will note addition of questions and slight modifications of responses if you have indicated YES on the Screener.  Also, within the SYMPTOMS there is inclusion of Diarrhea, Vomiting or Abdominal Pain for your child.  These have been added to most screeners for school districts as well.  There is also addition of the School and Community-based Questions (#4 and 5). Please review and if any questions please contact your local office.

Download the Family Screening Tool

We know that all of this is extremely demanding, and we want you to know that as you navigate those issues, we are still here, still working within our clinics, and still wanting to help you and your child. We will work with you to develop the best schedule for your child at CTC.  Things may change, and we are all need to be flexible, and adapt.  Let’s work together and we will get through this.