COVID-19 Update 5-19-2020

Childrens Therapy Corner has already incorporated many of the guidelines in Dow’s ‘Return to Work Playbook’

On Monday May 18th, Governor Whitmer continued to expand into the next phase for opening up Michigan, for regions 6 and 8. And because that is happening, there was extensive time devoted at the press conference about how companies can best provide the safest transition for their employees and anyone they serve.

Jim Fitterling, Chairman and CEO of Dow Chemical presented with the Governor. He expounded on Dow’s ‘Return to Work Playbook’. This included necessity of training for employees, necessity to wear masks, social distancing, health and temperature screenings to enter buildings, reduction of extraneous people into locations, response by HR for employees and being certain employees are directed to specified locations for COVID testing.

Children’s Therapy Corner initiated, and we continue to offer teletherapy. However, this option was not always available or an appropriate methodology for all children and families. It was evident that eventually we needed to be confident how to reinitiate face to face intervention for your children. So, we began preparing for returning to the buildings weeks ago. The exact areas Mr. Fitterling shared. And last week we brought our staff back into the empty buildings for two days. The Health and Safety teams at all locations provided training for staff on all the protocols, safety and health measures and how to get the buildings ready. Please note that if you would like a copy of any of our Health and Safety Protocols please contact your local office and we will gladly provide.

I know the practices, protocols and changes implemented by Children’s Therapy Corner are at best, very different from how we have operated in the past. But as we all know, this isn’t the past and we are all navigating the new realty. Without a doubt our ‘Cheese was moved’. Some may seem extreme from your perspective. Please understand we are keeping hundreds of children and over 100 employees safe. CTC will be following all mandates and restrictions by the CDC and State until they are lifted.

We got through day one today at our locations, with rain, wind and some wet tables. Thank you for your understanding and patience. The Family Health Screening Forms are on the website and remember you will need to provide a completed form EVERY DAY your child comes for therapy.

There will be bumps on this road. But we are moving in the right direction to keep everyone safe and well. We want you to be confident that when your child enters our doors, that they are as safe as possible within our buildings. We want to bring your children back inside to enhance their abilities, stretch their minds and bodies and help them reach for the stars. You place that confidence in us in all ways, and we want to live up to those expectations.

Take care and as always be safe.

The Childrens Therapy Team