Please help us lobby for Tele-therapy so everyone has access to the therapy they need

There has been a significant challenge during this time to serve our clients with CMH contracts needing speech-language, occupational or physical therapy services. The concern is that the CMH contracts do not allow for reimbursement for face to face or tele-therapy services for these disciplines during this pandemic. The coverage, or in this case the lack of thereof, is dictated within the COVID-19 chart provided to the CMH Providers. Children’s Therapy Corner is here and ready to provide therapy services, but we are not allowed. CTC recognizes that this is an unprecedented method, yet these are unprecedented times requiring options that keep you and our team as safe as possible.

Children’s Therapy Corner has pushed for revision of this lack of funding and coverage since the end of March when we initiated tele-therapy as a safe and viable option for the children we serve. We continue to diligently work at the State level for the CMH contracts to allow us to provide this option during the Stay Home Stay Safe Order. Although numerous medical insurances are recognizing the need (i.e. BCBSM, BlueCare, Priority, Meridian, CVS Health, McLaren, and Health Alliance Plan), the CMH contracts of which Children’s Therapy Corner serves, are not allowing the use of face to face or tele-therapy for speech-language, occupational or physical therapy. They have permitted ABA family training and recently at some level, with restrictions, for direct line ABA therapy services. We have contacted our contractual plans and the consistent response is that it is out of their hands and the decision to modify this exemption is at the State level.

Now, and in consideration of so much time lost, CTC is asking that you as the recipients of these services, seek clarification and answers from your local CMH and/or at the State level as to rational for elimination of this option for service delivery, especially since these services are mandated and a part of your Person-Centered Plans. You have recipient rights for services, since CTC has a modified method to serve without concern of safety or social distancing. Our latest feedback from the Central CMH Providers meeting on Monday April 27, is anticipation this will be further discussed at a meeting at the State level on Friday May 1. That means another full week without response and still inability to begin services for your child.

If you want to ‘encourage’ the State to open the option for tele-therapy for your child through your CMH, you should consider sending an email to share your concern regarding lack of coverage for the services that are a part of your child’s Person-Centered Plan:
and a copy to your CMH Provider.

Feel free to use the template below:

• Family Email Template PDF

• Family Email Template DOCX