Kathleen: “What’s your favorite holiday?” Sawyer: “Harmonica!”


“I wish I could come here every day.”

Ayden A.

“My cough is really bad today. I don’t think I’ll be here next week.”

Jacob S.

“I’m getting a lot forgetful in my years and now I’m starting to lose my marbles.”

William V.

“Mommy bought you from the Walmart store.”

Haven T.

“Who wouldn’t love it here? It’s awesome here!”

Jackson M.

“Old McDonald had a chicken nugget?”


“I’m mad at you and sick of your apologies”


Mia: “Your face” Annie D: “My face? Is it pretty?” Mia: …….. Annie D: “Or Funny?” Mia: “Funny”


“I’m here at night, does that mean I’m nocturnal?”