Understanding Toe Walking in Children

Young child standing on toes

What is Toe Walking? Toe walking simply means that the child walks up on the balls of their feet instead of walking with a heel-to-toe pattern. Toe walking is something frequently treated at our clinic. But how do you know if toe walking is something to be concerned about?   Some amount of toe walking is normal and expected for children … Read More

Why is sport specialization not so special?

Children holding balls

What is sport specialization? Playing sports as a child used to mean there was a good chance you played several sports throughout the year. This may include soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and track and field in the spring. However, today, many kids are not so diversified. Instead, they are choosing a single sport early in life and … Read More

What are Social Stories?

Therapist at Children's Therapy Corner in Midland with child

If you have ever wondered, “What exactly are social stories?”, or have a child that has difficulty with transitions, unexpected environments or social skills, this article is for you. I’m here to introduce social stories and hopefully inspire you to give them a try. Social stories were developed to better help children with Autism navigate social situations, but can be … Read More

Torticollis in Babies

Therapist working with child

Torticollis is the name given to the condition when a baby has tightness on one side of their neck that leads to a head tilt to one side with a neck rotation to the opposite side. The reported incident rate of congenital muscular torticollis is 0.3-2% (1). Infants who have torticollis typically lie with their neck bent to one side and … Read More

Weighted Blankets

Baby with blanket

Weighted blankets provide deep pressure input and can be used as a calming tool. The calming effects have been found to decrease activity level, increase focus, and improve sleep. Lap pads and “lap snakes” are  similar tools but are smaller in size and more commonly used during seated tasks. They can be placed either on the child’s lap or shoulders. … Read More

Tummy Time

Baby looking in mirror while on tummy

The Importance of Tummy Time As a baby grows and develops, it is very important that he has the opportunity to play in different positions. Since babies spend time on their backs while sleeping and in car seats, it is important that while they are awake, they have supervised tummy time. Trying to minimize the time your baby spends in … Read More